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Nowadays, filling big registration forms are boring and time consuming. With one click, you can get the complete valid user data from any of the social networking sites like facebook, google, microsoft, linkedin and github which are in trending these days. OAuth login is definitely a must have login system for any PHP web based projects. OAuth login is quick and easy, which helps to increase your website registrations.


OAuth Login is light-weight script and developed in PHP programming language. All the OAuth modules are working independently, if required you can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Linkedin and Github login separately.

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These are the Open Source Software which are used to Develop OAuth Login System

PHP -Server side scripting.

MYSQL -Open-source relational database management system.

PDO -PHP Data Objects is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.

OAuth -Login System with Facebook, Google, Microsoft & Linkedin.

HTML5 & CSS3 -Front end design.

Facebook -Facebook v2.8 graph API.

Google -Google Login.

Microsoft -Microsoft Login.

Github -Github Login.

Linkedin -Linkedin Login.

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